Liability | Maria Bokhari

Webitorial | Liability

Photographer | Maria Bokhari

Lights | Issa Shah & Saba Bokhari

Makeup & Hair Stylist | Jasmine Merinsky

Studio | Working Proof

Male Model | Clint Everts (Velocci Management)

Female Mode | Nelima Bandeira (Morgan Model Management)

Clothing |

Dresses/Veil | Poppy Lane Toronto

Hats | Coup de Tête

Suit | Prada

Artist Statement | My photography series ‘Liability’ portrays the men’s expectations and value of a intimate relationship. The male figure is a strong, dominant and controlling contrasting the female figure who is weak, depressed and subdued. Through the emotions portrayed by the male and female figures, I want to show how suffocating a relationship can be and how people suppress themselves by settling for a toxic environment.

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